Crow Calls Volume Three Releases!

Hello lovely readers! A small update to let you know that Crow Calls Volume Three is now available! Two more of my poems are now out in the wild, I hope you enjoy them! ..that being said, there are currently some issues regarding international paperbacks. Our lovely Mother of Crows, Cassandra, is currently working withContinue reading “Crow Calls Volume Three Releases!”

Continuing Dear Hypnos (Hiatus End)

Hello, lovely people! It’s been a while, but I’m back with a little update on Dear Hypnos: (This is just a copy and paste job from a Tweet thread I shared on Twitter, so if you follow me, you may have already seen this! Still, I wanted to update any blog-goers who may be passingContinue reading “Continuing Dear Hypnos (Hiatus End)”

Publishing Anxiety (My WIP Update)

Hello lovely people! It’s been a while, how are you? I hope the warmer weather isn’t being too harsh on you! So, as you may be aware if you follow either my site or my Twitter, I’ve been writing a poetry collection centred around my struggle with insomnia, which I have named Dear Hypnos. IContinue reading “Publishing Anxiety (My WIP Update)”

Crow Calls Volume Two Releases!

Hello lovely people! Just popping on to say that Crow Calls Volume Two is now available! I am now officially a twice-published poet, and I’m so very grateful to have been given such an opportunity. My gratitude towards Quill & Crow is unending! Volume Two saw the addition of ten new poets to our DarkContinue reading “Crow Calls Volume Two Releases!”

Crow Calls (How I Became Validated As A Poet)

Hello, lovely readers! With Crow Calls Volume Two dropping in a few days, I thought I’d take the opportunity to go into more detail Crow Calls Volume One, and how I came to be a part of it! I’m going to level with you. Poetry was not something I ever envisioned being part of myContinue reading “Crow Calls (How I Became Validated As A Poet)”

My Insomnia Work In Progress (And Why I’m Struggling To Name It!)

So..I actually have a lot of works in progress. Will I divulge just how many? Hmm..maybe someday. Today, however, I’m focusing on the work in progress I am actually working on. The idea of an insomnia-centred poetry collection came to me when, surprise surprise, I was struggling to sleep one night. If you’re familiar withContinue reading “My Insomnia Work In Progress (And Why I’m Struggling To Name It!)”