Crow Calls Volume V releases! (and other general updates)

Hello lovely readers! It’s been far too long since I last posted. I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holiday season, and that winter isn’t being too harsh on you. But don’t fret! Spring is just around the corner!

My first bit of news I’d love to share with you is the publication of Crow Calls Volume Five. Yes, once again I am beyond thrilled to announce that I’ve had more poems published by the wonderful Quill and Crow Publishing House!

Very proud me with my copy!

As always, these are available to buy through Quill and Crow’s website, or through Amazon. Be sure to rate and review, it really helps small presses!

In other writing news, more of my writing is being published at the beginning of March, and this time, it’s prose instead of poetry! But more of that when the time draws closer.. (although if you follow my socials, you probably know what it is anyway, haha..)

Back to poetry. Now, if you’ve had a thorough gander through my little site, then you might have read some of my Overwatch Odes (over on the Poetry page if you’re interested). Originally I gave myself a passion project of completing a poem for every single character from Overwatch. However, it has been quite a while since I last wrote one, and I did wonder whether or not the spark would come back for them…

Not too long ago, I was sent a very interesting email by a young man called Ryan. For privacy’s sake, I won’t divulge what our correspondence entailed, but I will say that I was left feeling extremely validated as a poet, and it’s made me want to carry on my Overwatch Odes! So hopefully I’ll have a new one finished for you soon!

Big shout out to Ryan for this confidence boost; stay awesome, and best of luck in your endeavours!

Oh, and I’m also on Instagram now! My handle is soph_brookes if you want to follow me there.

That about wraps everything I wanted to share with you for now. More publishing news to come soon, and hopefully another Overwatch Ode.

Sophie, signing off!

3 thoughts on “Crow Calls Volume V releases! (and other general updates)

  1. Congratulations! Unanticipated external validation is always welcome, especially when motivation and incentive lag. Glad to read you have recovered; we seem to be catching everything these days around here. As I revise INTERROGATING MEMORY, I anticipate renewing my search for a proper agent/publisher. Self-publication may get one started, but it rarely boosts one’s long-term finances. 🙂

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